KARU is a project that wants to make a statement: it digs into the heritage of tribal culture and free jazz, drawing on their revolutionary forces to deliver a powerful message. Blackbird, released only in limited edition, is a track that deepens inside KARU’s most private senses of fear and solitude, induced by the current global context, eventually turning them into a universal idea of freedom and change.

Inspired by the original composition by Nina Simone, KARU gives its interpretation of the piece: a rumbling start with the subdued “you ain't ever gonna fly”, quickly evolves into a liberating climax guided by the dualistic dance of the saxophones. The mystic vibrato of the double bass and the layering percussions create a vigorous build up that blends with the breathy jazz of “Pharaoh Sanders meets Alice Coltrane”.

Alberto Brutti - Bass, Electronic
Mario D’alfonso - Sax
Cristiano Amici - Drums
Produced by Alberto Brutti
Video By Matteo Castiglioni
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