“Neon(i)” is a multimedia installation by Matteo Castiglioni 
Made of a suspended aquarium and a multi-speaker audio system. The main idea behind this project is to try to create an ever-changing sound environment in which the rhythmic and compositional structures of the track are influenced by the movement of fish within the aquarium. People inside the installation can move freely in the space around the aquarium, feeling and seeing in real time the evolution of the composition. Max/MSP is used in all the phases of the project, starting from the live tracking of the fishes (made with a webcam and cv.jit library), to the data analysis and audio synthesis. The audio system is based on 2 main grain patches controlled by fishes' accelleration movements and on 6 samplers that create a background sound atmosphere. In addition two synthesizers, triggered by fishes, create some harmonic stratifications in the background.

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