"Il monumento continuo" 
 Matteo Castiglioni , installation view 
at Commenda di Prè Genova (for Electropark festival) 
and at Mare culturale urbano in Milano [november and october 2018] 

The "Continuous monument" is a generative multimedia installation composed and organized starting from the activity in real time of online active users. The generation system collects the information starting from the most discussed topic at the moment on the network, which becomes the subject to which the Monument is dedicated from time to time. The work plays ironically on the very concept of Monumento, the contemporaneity is in fact impossible to represent in a fixed structure and enclose it within a single form would not make sense, since the topic that at this time has a large space on the network between some minute could end up in oblivion to be replaced by something immediately new. The "Continuous monument" therefore arises in the environment as a place made up of different interconnected events and connected in turn to a wider and constantly changing system that coincides with the activity of the communities on online networks. Within the installation the downloaded media become programmable, the forms are emptied of their original meaning, to resume it or to fill with a new meaning, as in a mold that deforms the material that is poured into it, in a cycle of continuous metamorphosis . The installation will evolve continuously during the exhibition period, continuously producing new temporary situations and new (ephemeral) materials, generating new meanings born of their association each time. The system becomes a microscopic organism with respect to the macro-system from which it is controlled, representing a continuous construction, made up of overlapping situations in a non-linear narration. The project is composed concretely in the space by a series of video projections stratified within which the public can move freely, from different videos placed on monitors, from two thermal printers, from a robotized typewriter and from a series of generative prints. created by the installation itself during the exposure period. The installation has been shown in November 2018 at Commenda di Prè (Genova), and in October 2018 at Mare culturale urbano in Milano (2018), at MIART 2019 and at Conservatorio di Milano (2018)
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