Dreamed as an opening towards a surreal and fantastic upper world, the video installation imagined and produced for the 2023 edition of the Electropark festival in the building of the Galata museum Museum of the sea, the largest museum dedicated to the marine world in the whole Mediterranean, recreates an immersion in a world generated by the interaction with new technologies on the one hand, and with the natural worlds on the other.
Entitled Hypernature, the Electropark festival team imagined the 2023 edition developing the idea of Chtulucene (the famous essay by Donna Harawaynon) for which development is only possible with-becoming in contact zones and intra-actions that materialize the world, like in a tapestry with iridescent patterns. 
The idea of the video installation on the ceiling of the museum starts exactly from this concept and keeps the focus on the creation of a border place, a space of tangency between the two worlds mentioned above, so that visitors to the festiva could inhabit a new world inside the museum, different from the external one of everyday life, a place of proliferation of differences where they can open up to knowledge.

14-16 July 2023
Galata Museo del Mare, Genoa
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