"Porét Boob" ironically plays on the history one of the most famous symbols of the city of Milan, the "Biscione" or “El Bisson” in the Milanese dialect, starting from the logo that was never choosed for the subway in Milan designed by the great designer Boob Noorda.

Since there is no clear and univocal origin, a long series of myths and legends have arisen around the serpent of Milan. If we want to strictly adhere to what history recalls, it should be noted that this symbol, representing a snake eating a child, towards the eleventh century, became the coat of arms of the Visconti family.
The snake is today one of the main symbols of Milan, together with the Croce di San Giorgio, the coat of arms of the Municipality since the Middle Ages, and the half-wooled sow.
The biscione has been included, among many modern uses, in the logo of the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, it is one of the symbols of Internazionale FC, the Milanese football team, and was taken over by the Fininvest company, founded in 1978 by Silvio Berlusconi: in in the latter case, the representation of the boy was "softened" by replacing the latter with a flower coming out of the snake's mouth, all very stylized, which becomes a huge balloon in the video.
If we want in a similar way, in parallel the original logo (the one that in the video becomes the Biscione of the Visconti family) was different from the current one, which later became a symbol of Milan, Two white "MM" on a red background - above and below - for indicate Milan city and underground Milan.

The history of Milan repeats itself, in an infinite loop of legends and myths.

An A/V trip by ALCEÆ
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